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Blū Lotus Publications

The mantra of Blū Lotus Publications is that wisdom unfolds from play. The products of Blū Lotus encourage playful self-understanding and spirited self-discovery. These products draw on the timeless traditions of Yoga and Meditation to engage people in new and lively ways that calms the mind, relieves stress and anxiety, enhances overall wellbeing, and leads to deeper levels of self-transformation. 


Swami Kuvalayānanda

Blū Lotus Publications is inspired by Swami Kuvalayānanda, the eminent yogi and freedom fighter. Kuvalāyananda established the Kaivalyadhama Institute in 1924—the first institute of its kind in India and the world—to study yoga from a modern scientific perspective. The Sanskrit word, kuvalayānanda, means “the bliss of the night-blooming blue lotus”. The name and logo of Blū Lotus Publications is, therefore, the blue lotus blossom in homage to Swami Kuvalayānanda.

Image from Samadhi Pada waiting to be colored!

“Yoga is that Art and Science which is calculated to ensure for the individual Perfect Health for the Body, Infinite Happiness for the Mind and Perfect Spiritual Development for the Soul. Thus, Yoga is a Science which leads to Physical, Mental and Spiritual Perfection and is a code of Physio-Psychological Discipline based upon Principles that are thoroughly Rational.”

Swami Kuvalayānanda

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